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There aren't really words to describe the effort involved in getting up in the morning each day.

It's not that it's cold.
Or hot.
It's not that I don't want to.
Or that I'm not interested in my plans.
Or that I don't have plans.
It's not making a choice about clothes,
Or breakfast,
Or hair.
Or shoes.
It's not even that I don't deserve to get up.
Or don't deserve to stay in bed.
It's not knowing that I didn't do the readings,
That I won't get to the lecture,
And may not make the class.
Or that the assignment is due tomorrow,
Or this evening,
Or next week.
It's not even disappointing the people around me,
Trying to think,
Or not.
Or anything at all.

It's a just get up. 
Swing legs over the edge. 
(perhaps wonder if it's a pier, or a cliff, or a bridge)
And sometimes I can.
And sometimes I can't.
I'd know what to do with a shan't or won't.
But that's not what it is.

So I don't. 

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 The game, Hey Baby, here.

A commentary, on it, and on this article from a mainstream media source.

It's a pretty awesome take on street harassment. 

And a nice selection of articles (yes, mostly from amptoons.com's Alas, a blog.)

And finally, list of privilege lists

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 Woo hoo! Got me a seed account.
(now to decide upon icons!)

The wedding was lovely. There's not much more I can say - it turns out my waterproof mascara isn't especially waterproof after all. 
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So, we went to see Bob Dylan tonight.

Paul Kelly was excellent. I would be interested in listening to more of his stuff. Air was wonderful, and I really enjoyed Maralinga (Rainy Land)
Which is horrifying on many levels. 

I only picked up two of the Bob Dylan songs - he'd had to adapt them to the changes in his voice. :( It was pretty awesome to hear him sing Like A Rolling Stone live, though. 

Also, I let the chooks out of their coop for about an hour before dusk this evening. It was raining a bit, and only the silkie ventured beyond the wire - but confining herself to just the veggie garden. She returned when I needed her to, and so it was perfect!

It would be nice if they would quieten down a little! The silver just talks and talks and TALKS for about five loud minutes after she's layed. She is the only one do lay so far, however, so we'll see if this is normal or not. The silkie was talkative in the veggie patch too. 
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Instead of going to uni today, I...
  • Clipped the wings of our new chooks. (Yep, we have chickens. I am still terribly excited. One pooped on our housemate, who was helping, it was fairly hilarious given she'd just escaped the coop ten minutes previously. 
  • Watched the escaped chook do all the right things in the garden. Avoid the shed, eat the greens, and scratch for bugs.
  • Worked out how to make a waterer using an old 2L bottle with a handle. I can do it with an old soda water bottle too, but the milk plastic is sturdier.
  • Worked out when my assignments are now due - Individuals, electronic 23rd April; Loss, Trauma & Grief, paper, 27th April; JUST REALISED I HAVE ONE DUE THE 20th. Not to worry, that's now due on the 27th. WILL ALL BE FINE. Organisational. Excellent subject nickname, that.
  • Applied for an extension on that one. Which isn't a problem anymore
  • Called Centrelink to report my income.
  • Attempted to figure out how to call Centrelink about my password and voice recognition, but the number was engaged. Failed
  • Spent some time watching the chooks
  • Spent some time with G
  • Had dinner with my father
  • Went to the Great Legal Debate comedy show
  • Moved the chooks so they're on the chicken wire properly
  • Made some cranberry tea
 Doesn't seem like a bad day at all. 
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The debate around Special Religious Instruction (SRI) in state schools has been very heated the last week, on a number of points.
That if approached, a primary school must accept SRI for 30 minutes per class per week, and children have to be specifically unenrolled, rather than opting in.
The SRI offered is not "religious education" of the type where you lean about all sorts of different religions, but where you learn about the volunteer's religion specifically. 
96% of SRI is provided by Access Ministries, which now receives government funding (RAGE). To be a SRI 'teacher' for AM, you need a Working With Children check, and to attend a one-day training session. (The funding is to improve the training)
To provide SRI, you need to be a religious organisation, so ethics and humanist groups can't provide 'values' courses. 

My RE experiences )

I would support SRI in state primary schools if it taught about different religions, rather than just the one (so, the way RE was run in senior school). 
The idea that it is only religion from where you get ethics and morals is baloney, and if that is what they are trying to teach, then an ethics class (as people in NSW tried to make happen) would be more appropriate.
I can understand learning about Christianity in a social and political context, but that is not what is being covered either. 


Apr. 3rd, 2011 10:45 pm
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Well hello, dreamwidth.

Having been paid far more than I expected from Centrelink, I've decided to get on with the chickens (and get a tablet laptop, yay!)

I really like the idea of ex-battery hens, in that they'd basically be saved from death. However, they are more prone to health problems, and often have complications from de-beaking. Additionally, they are full sized hens.

I think, given the veggie garden, it would probably be worth having hens which did not tear it up too much, and ate less of the plants when they decided they were peckish. (>.>) Which would mean small chickens, or bantams. I don't really want Silkies, and they're fairly expensive.

What I most want, though, is a broody hen, and a couple of chicks. This is probably worth waiting a few years for, when there are kids and a farm thing. (Yes, I need to dream.) And then we can have miniature goats too, huzzah!

I'd love a blue egg laying hen, but they seem hard to come by here. They're known as Easter Eggers, but breeds include Ameraucanas and Araucanas. The Araucanas are hardy and lay well, and look great in black. 
Plymouth Rocks (barred) are gorgeous, and I do like Brahma bantams in buff. 
Australorps are champion layers, look lovely, and apparently make excellent pets too. 

Seem to be the best option - have Pekins in birchen; Silkies in black and blue; New Hampshires (layers); and (winner!) Wyandottes (utility) in gold laced, possibly as bantams too. 
$20 for New Hampshires, $25 for all others. 1h20 drive, Teesdale.
No Australorps, but we shouldn't have too much trouble finding some hear here either.

Other chook sellers )
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In particular http://community.livejournal.com/freelayouts_s2/92799.html

http://void-star.net/2009/05/dreamwidth-layout-elegant-grunge/ is another one I rather like. Especially the different comments.

http://dw-styles.dreamwidth.org/19884.html#comments is something I'm interested in - I keep meaning to teach myself, and I am sure I *could* do it, but time, and the bother factor. 
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Just sorted out a new layout - it feels far friendlier here now.

Credit to
[personal profile] fania

Titled this journal too. It works for now, at least, and possibly in terms of life stages too.

Now I need to sort out how to post these to LJ.


Man, DW makes these things easy. 
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I could become a beyondblue voice.
I could become a beyondblue ambasador

Call http://www.youthprojects.org.au/contact about footpatrol - T 9945 2100
Volunteer at:
Wesley Footscray Outreach - one day a week/fortnight - (03) 9689 3515
The Footscray Community Legal Centre
Tutoring for the Footscray Refugee Resource Centre at Gilmore Girls College - 03-9687-4500
            or mentoring for their youth mentor program - same number
Centre for Multicultural Youth http://vic.vol.org.au/PositionSearch/PositionSearchDetails.aspx?ID=904&Site=VIC001



More generally -
Volunteer West
130 Buckley Street
Footscray VIC 3011
Tel: 03 9687 7661
Fax: 03 9687 7661
Email: volunteer@westernvrc.org.au

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4. Would you be confident that this mental health system would work well for you if you needed access to it? Provide reasons.

 What I wrote:

I would be confident that if I called the AMHS triage line, I would receive good advice, and a referral if necessary.[1] However, my own experience in the Victorian mental health system means I know it does not work for me. During my most acute episodes, I am more reasonable and articulate than I would be at any other time, and so am very capable of hiding any symptoms likely to betray a mental illness. In addition, when in crisis, I do not want intervention, so act accordingly. Thus, it is because of the way my illness works that I do not feel confident in the mental health system.

My concern about accessing services out of area is minimal; given the framework triage must follow, as presented in the Auditor General’s report. If immediate assistance is required, it must be given.[2]

[1] Department of Health Victoria, 2011. Adult Specialist Mental Health Services (16-64 years); Mercy Health, 2010. Mental Health Assessments [online] Available at <http://www.mercy.com.au/Hospital_Clinical_And_Mental_Health_Services/Our_Health_Services/L-N/Mental_Health_Assessments/> [Accessed 19 March 2011]

[2] Auditor General Victoria, 2002. Mental health services for people in crisis.


Huh. LJ does footnotes! That is cool.


What I wanted to write:

Well, I've never really used the public system.
However, my experiences of the private system haven't been great. Confidentiality has previously not been explained in full, and I have ended up in worse situations due to 'duties of care'. My parent took quite some time to realise that not all psychologists will be useful to everyone, and given the 'need' for treatment was coming from them, this was an issue.
My confidence is psychologists is moderately low, given I have been able to 'get better'.
Diagnostic questions are easy to get around. "How do you feel about your body image?", for example. 
After resisting medication for approximately 12 months, I had given up, so gave it a go. I have very few memories of the years I was on medication.
I was finally consulted about what kind of mental health professional I wanted to see, and ended up with a referral to my current practitioner. I have been working with her, largely successfully, for a number of years now.
When I felt I needed hospitalisation, it was denied, as it was considered my conditions would worsten.
My symptoms mean that when I am at my worst, I appear to be quite mentally healthy, if not happy. Unfortunately, at these times, I am also totally uninterested in receiving assistance, and so crisis assistance needs to be accessed before I reach crisis point.

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Things have happened.

I had a great time at Circa. It was interesting getting compliments on a dress that was a last minute decision. So maybe I should trust my judgment. Which relates to the next sentence.

The ring ordeal has been largely sorted out, and now it is just me second guessing everything.

My wisdom teeth are out, and have healed. One is holey, but I think that's just how it will be.
I managed to have all my stitches itching and my prescription low at the same time, and feel like I have accomplished something because of it.

I have no job at the deli any more. I am loving having Sundays off. We are yet to find a nearby farmers' market that is worth us going to.

I have two excellent subjects, and two mediocre - I was concerned they'd all be poor.

It's really nice to be dancing again.

Helen is going away for a couple of months in eight weeks time. It's at a good time for me too. I'll probably see someone nearby for a few sessions while she's gone, and this will probably be useful too.

I was asked to do a concerto for orchestra. I can't make it work this year, but it was nice to be asked all the same.

I totally lost it at the end of a class, and my 'ish friends' really came through for me. I think we count as friends now.

And there's stuff I want to say, and am not sure I should.
And the wedding things are getting a little concerning - I'm surprised so many people think they should get some input.
I've suggested that I'd like my sister as part of my 'bridal party', but mum basiclly told me I needed to consider her before I said anything. I now feel the need to NOT do what she has said, because I don't want to just be doing what she tells me. Also, with uni and being sick (we think - she doesn't get 'sick' symptoms, just more tired) she's been far more tired (and cranky!) recently. Tired and grumpy I totally get - I don't expect either of us will be 'better' by next year, but asking (forcing) her to give lots of time and mental energy both on the day and the lead up doesn't seem fair either. Yes, I know I need to talk to her about it. But I really, really don't want to. Also not having her might make other things easier, but another friend has basicly told me she wants to be doing bridal party stuff too. And I don't just want to be all fuck it I'm not having one because of you guys either.

Also I had a miscarriage and I get it and all with the medical explanations but it was rather sad (and fegging painful) and I don't want to see a doctor because I don't like doctors at all and really what good would it do now.


Mar. 14th, 2011 10:23 pm
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Two quiches, less than ten dollars. Around four serves each, but need to be piled with veggies. I always forget that the quiche is the protein, and needs other stuff too.

With the pastry, used puff, because that's what we had, and the shortcrust at the supermarket was 'vegetable oil', not butter. And I read vegetable oil as PALM OIL.

2 sheets pastry
300mL cream
4 eggs
300mL milk (and a little more)
2 carrots
2 small onions
4 short cut bacon rashers
~2 cups shredded cheese

Salad and/or veggies on the side

Preheat oven to 180oC
Dice onion, carrot, and bacon
Cook onion, and bacon in same pan, add carrot once onion is going translucent
Fork four eggs, cream, and milk.
Place pastry in pie dish
Put half the bacon mix in the pastry
Cover with half the cheese
Pour in half the egg mix
Bake for around 30 minutes - it should 'rise', and have a lovely golden brown top.
Serve with veggies.
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Saturday, current prediction 22oC?
Oh happy day!

My new dress proudly proclaims it's content - 100% Polyester. It looks very much like a child of my current pink and green vintage dresses.

Mum decided I needed a hat. Ms Clara Fox was quite excited by this, and I got to try about ten on. I ended up with an odd looking one. She described it as a fascinator. It looks a bit like half a moth bitten tea cosy, wired, with flowers. An odd choice for me, as I look better in full hats or a flat asymmetrical style. We'll see. I am not yet convinced.
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Excuse me while I stress a bit about not having seen an email from the jeweler in over a week.
I spoke to her on the phone on Thursday, said she should have something for me today. >.<

And then while I plan a 'trip round the battle fields with Disneyland as the reward' style party.
Apparently not good enough to have only the location, and we should be providing things too.
Cue Nana deciding that I only have eight cups (that's terribly specific, and also wrong?) and so I should borrow some of hers, as well as a pair of three-plate cake stands. Or something.

Had a really bad last two days, today not so bad. Huzzah!
Nice to be walking again.

Oh, and my mother wants to go dress shopping tomorrow. Apparently I need something new for the party. :(
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I always told myself I didn't really want a white dress.
Of course it would be far too expensive.
I notice now that cost is not necessarily prohibitive.
And maybe I'm interested in ivory.
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Pathology (2008) was the crazy film I enjoyed about med students and murder.
For next time I forget.
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I need to come up with a new method of weightloss, my previous strategies not being healthy.

If I only weigh myself and measure once a week, that should help. Hopefully keeping the scales out of the bathroom will make sure that happens.

I need not to go to bed hungry, and I have to make sure I eat breakfast fairly soon after waking up.

Going for a short walk each evening has been really nice, and while it can get out of control, so long as I do it with someone else (G)I should be fine. I feel fortunate we don't have a flight of stairs, and that G is far fitter than I am.

I largely eat pretty healthy food, I just need to come up with something different for breakfast. I would probably do better with four or five small meals, rather than three large ones, because I snack in between anyhow.

I'd like to get my BMI to around 22. The scale works fairly well for me as a measure of a healthy weight.

I don't expect to get all my energy back, but I'm sure this will help some.
Now to wait for it to be less awful outside, for longer walks.


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