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So, we went to see Bob Dylan tonight.

Paul Kelly was excellent. I would be interested in listening to more of his stuff. Air was wonderful, and I really enjoyed Maralinga (Rainy Land)
Which is horrifying on many levels. 

I only picked up two of the Bob Dylan songs - he'd had to adapt them to the changes in his voice. :( It was pretty awesome to hear him sing Like A Rolling Stone live, though. 

Also, I let the chooks out of their coop for about an hour before dusk this evening. It was raining a bit, and only the silkie ventured beyond the wire - but confining herself to just the veggie garden. She returned when I needed her to, and so it was perfect!

It would be nice if they would quieten down a little! The silver just talks and talks and TALKS for about five loud minutes after she's layed. She is the only one do lay so far, however, so we'll see if this is normal or not. The silkie was talkative in the veggie patch too. 
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Instead of going to uni today, I...
  • Clipped the wings of our new chooks. (Yep, we have chickens. I am still terribly excited. One pooped on our housemate, who was helping, it was fairly hilarious given she'd just escaped the coop ten minutes previously. 
  • Watched the escaped chook do all the right things in the garden. Avoid the shed, eat the greens, and scratch for bugs.
  • Worked out how to make a waterer using an old 2L bottle with a handle. I can do it with an old soda water bottle too, but the milk plastic is sturdier.
  • Worked out when my assignments are now due - Individuals, electronic 23rd April; Loss, Trauma & Grief, paper, 27th April; JUST REALISED I HAVE ONE DUE THE 20th. Not to worry, that's now due on the 27th. WILL ALL BE FINE. Organisational. Excellent subject nickname, that.
  • Applied for an extension on that one. Which isn't a problem anymore
  • Called Centrelink to report my income.
  • Attempted to figure out how to call Centrelink about my password and voice recognition, but the number was engaged. Failed
  • Spent some time watching the chooks
  • Spent some time with G
  • Had dinner with my father
  • Went to the Great Legal Debate comedy show
  • Moved the chooks so they're on the chicken wire properly
  • Made some cranberry tea
 Doesn't seem like a bad day at all. 


Apr. 3rd, 2011 10:45 pm
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Well hello, dreamwidth.

Having been paid far more than I expected from Centrelink, I've decided to get on with the chickens (and get a tablet laptop, yay!)

I really like the idea of ex-battery hens, in that they'd basically be saved from death. However, they are more prone to health problems, and often have complications from de-beaking. Additionally, they are full sized hens.

I think, given the veggie garden, it would probably be worth having hens which did not tear it up too much, and ate less of the plants when they decided they were peckish. (>.>) Which would mean small chickens, or bantams. I don't really want Silkies, and they're fairly expensive.

What I most want, though, is a broody hen, and a couple of chicks. This is probably worth waiting a few years for, when there are kids and a farm thing. (Yes, I need to dream.) And then we can have miniature goats too, huzzah!

I'd love a blue egg laying hen, but they seem hard to come by here. They're known as Easter Eggers, but breeds include Ameraucanas and Araucanas. The Araucanas are hardy and lay well, and look great in black. 
Plymouth Rocks (barred) are gorgeous, and I do like Brahma bantams in buff. 
Australorps are champion layers, look lovely, and apparently make excellent pets too. 

Seem to be the best option - have Pekins in birchen; Silkies in black and blue; New Hampshires (layers); and (winner!) Wyandottes (utility) in gold laced, possibly as bantams too. 
$20 for New Hampshires, $25 for all others. 1h20 drive, Teesdale.
No Australorps, but we shouldn't have too much trouble finding some hear here either.

Other chook sellers )


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