Jul. 15th, 2011 04:05 pm
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 We came back from Palm Cove on Sunday evening. It was well worth it, I felt good up there. The warmth was nice, I like the area as a place to stay, and we did some things I enjoy. Forgetting to pack my shoes meant a new pair of thongs. "These may be uncomfortable at first, but persevere and they will become your most comfortable thongs ever!", or words to that effect, were on the swing tag. I missed them. They weren't that bad to walk on, after the first try, it was standing still that was a killer. BURNING FIRE was the effect. By the end of the holiday, they weren't that bad in general. I'm not sure I'd buy another pair, though. 
The rayon patchwork-style wrap skirt was a better purchase. I just need some buttoned blouses to wear with it, now. 
Hartley's Croc Adventures... the attack show was excellent. I remember being amazed by pole feeding I'd seen in Darwin, but the attack show was different in that it was lacking a pole. It was impressive they could jump so high from such shallow water. 
Having been given a journal the day or two before we left, I thought I'd spend a lot of time practicing handwriting. It turns out that I kept a 'holiday diary' instead. Mum forced Sarah and I to write 'holiday diaries' up until about year 10. I hated it. I didn't see the point, and I was always behind. This time, I was doing it for myself, pretty sure that no-one else was going to read it, and not feeling compelled to write. It was so much better. 

I didn't feel overly tired, and I didn't feel depressed. I enjoyed cooking prawns and pasta salad, and a take on the shumi wraps I used to make at Martin's. It was good. I read a book - Shit My Dad Says. An easy and short book, but still a book, in about three or four days. 

The Reef was good. Colder than I remembered, and less colourful, with less variety in the coral. There were more fish this time, though, in both variety and number. I like fish, so this was a good thing. The operators this time were the same company, but with different staff. Last time the Maori Wrasse, Wally, was a feature, but he wasn't even mentioned this time. I was disappointed about that, as he was fascinating last year. I didn't get sunburnt this year 

Holidays can be good. 

Now we're sorting out the house. 
We did the garage a couple of days ago, and today the chook proof fence is being put up. 
The bedroom and study are the plan for this weekend, and I've spent bits of today sorting out the kitchen again. 

Well, my Field Notes stationary just arrived!


Jul. 1st, 2011 04:46 pm
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I just handed in my last essay. Only one day late. And this lecturer didn't put in how much we'd have taken off each day, so who knows. 
The last assessment for this semester, anyhow. 

Uni is being difficult with sorting out the placements, or it's the agency. Either way, there's a great big void where a lot of communication should be. I expect I'll get the placement I want, but people aren't talking to each other enough for me to finish organising it just yet. 

It's not been a great semester. I've done four subjects, and I'm definitely proud of that. 
The comments from the most difficult subject have been disheartening, as if she didn't really read what I had written. She suggested that I didn't read the readings properly, and that I wouldn't want to 'know more' if I had - I feel like this isn't a reflection of the work I've done, and that I want to know more because the subject is of interest to me, rather than because I've failed to engage with the readings properly. 

I'm really enjoying writing with real pens and paper at the moment, so I'm excited to be buying a new fountain pen, preferably tomorrow. And there are so many to chose from, it's almost overwhelming. 
I've subscribed to a company which is known for its fountain-pen notebooks, and so will get sent a bunch of them every quarter for the next year. I'm excited! (Oh, and a mammoth box to start me off... )
It's nice that this new obsession of mine doesn't require feeding, and takes up relatively little space. And that it's something I can already do (well, not calligraphy, but I can and do use journals and write). 

Off to my favourite place again tomorrow. I love the Reef. As much as I hate the sun, and heat, and water, it's sufficiently amazing that I just want to watch it forever. And going away where there is minimal mobile reception, and without my computer really does force me to take a break. That was the positive side to my incredible cooked lobster sunburn last year - I got to read, and I wasn't too tired to do so. In fact, I fairly well couldn't do anything else, and so had a chance to both relax, and read. 


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