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Jackles has decided to be friendly tonight. Or to own me. He was sitting on my arm/lap just before. Then in front of the (off) heater. He seemed to be starting to cope with me a month ago, right up until moved him off our bed. Petting wouldn't do it (he purred!) so I had to pick him up. Sad Jackles.

Today has been strange. Part of the point of living with G (and) in a share house was to combat a lot of the loneliness. But G is fencing in Brisbane, L is not home, T got home around 9 and said hello, then to the bungalow. So I'm feeling rather alone. It's not been a problem, more a really foreign feeling. I've had an entire day of not-feeling-crap to be productive, and so far I've done my hair nicely, read some of my uni stuff, hung up washing, and put another load on. And done some dishes. Yay! That sound like more when I write it down.

Having been blue screened three four times today, it's pretty clear I need a shiny new laptop and at least a terabyte external. It's really hard trying to find out about tablet laptops. Mostly they're not listed as tablet, or the reviews are from 2008. 

Currently trying to decide how much it is reasonable to spend on stockings in a year. Also getting really frustrated that I think 120d is low, but about as high as stockings go is 70d.  It wouldn't be *entirely* unreasonable to sell stockings, would it? Not when you I could have all the different kinds you I want from the one shop with only one shipping cost?

These are sheer stockings, no seam, reinforced toe, 15d, $11.

20d, RHT, no seam, $15. WhatKatieDid as well.    These are also 20d RHT for about a dollar or two more.

For seamed Cuban heals $20 at Circa seems to be the best price, for black or nude.
Here is what Circa sells. for 5 pounds. They're 20d. From WhatKatieDid. Combine postage?

These are 60d (near opaque) seamed Cuban heel, but closer to $30. Which isn't terrible, but :( Surely there are opaque stockings in Australia SOMEWHERE. Also they're from WhatKatieDid, and I expect to be getting other things from there, so could save on shipping that way.

These are unseamed, probably 70d. But are plus size. Stockings too large go wrinkly, and I'm at the lowest end they sell at. Around $10. Also no reinforcements. But bows! And cheap.

Definitely  70d. $30. Nice plain tops too. Don't appear to be reinforced

These   are 70d also, made from microfibre. Cheaper at $20. Also reinforced toe. Probably the best pick of the 70d.  Microfibre is apparently rather stretchy, and wicks moisture away from the body. In my head it also doesn't run, but rather tear. I have no basis for that guess, though.

These and these are the same (one site in pounds, the other dollars) 50d. About $9. Seamless. Not reinforced.

Wool. 100d. $15. But wool? What would wearing wool stockings be like? Under long skirts it would be okay, but how would it hold up after washing? But 100d is great! And the price is good too.

If I wanted colours, these would be awesome. Orange! Red! Blue! Sadly no green. 50d. About $20.

There's also the Great Underthings Fail. Where underwear fails with stockings. Basic decision is to make my own. But before that, I need a computer.


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