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Started to feel the effects after going down to 50mg.
Just like getting on them, really, but without the sedation to go.

Have been told the last day of deliwork ever will be the 24th of December. I was pretty excited when I found out. Then pretty devastated that evening. I've been thinking it's time to leave them, and now I don't have to feel bad about it. But the last three places I've worked for went under, and I hadn't picked this one. Wanting to leave because then I can do something industry relevant, which will have the likely bonus of being rewarding, and not such an issue to my back/heart/feet.

That lottery advert was pretty good, I'd see it every time I walked to the bathrooms at work - "What would you do if you won $6m this Thursday?". And I thought I'd leave deliwork, and so something I was actually interested in.
But that's CHANGE. Which is obviously scary. And will mean calling people on the phone (also obviously scary) and convincing them they want someone to work just one day a week for them. Someone totally unqualified - but studying!

And working in policy just isn't attractive. There's nothing I'm drawn to in it, just the understanding that changing policy is the only way to improve things. Maybe after working in social work based policy I could branch out a bit, into other social policy (as in, no, Victoria, you TOTALLY DON'T WANT THE SWEEDISH SEX WORK LAWS. And how HOW can a Green think that. ) Actually I guess that could count as social work policy given the whole list of don'ts which don't do good things for safety and health outcomes. Anyhow, in order to work in policy, I think I'd do better with a practice background. So then I have to chose an area of practice. Drugs, mental health, and the Intervention are three of my interests. I can reasonably get a background in the first two. The third? I just want to be all "COME ON GUYS, is it really that hard to have a devoted Indigenous Issues (or whatever) portfolio, and put someone OF THAT BACKGROUND in control of it?" I mean, the womens' portfolio gets a woman. NOT THAT HARD.

Not looking forward to the wisdom teeth coming out. Is there some way I can control the time when the drugs go in and send me to sleep? Like push the button or SOMETHING. I am terrified of not having that control.
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In the midst of a whole lot of policy hate, this video made my week.
Perhaps more on the policies later. They involve...
- refugees. And so much respect for Petro Georgiou. Seriously listen to some of the stuff he says, especially when he looks at the history of the mandatory detention policy.
- the NTER 2007, and the RDA 1975. AKA The Intervention, and the suspension of part of the law, resulting in making it okay to be racist.
- that we don't have a separate ministerial portfolio for Indigenous Affairs
- that Jenny Macklin of Jagajaga (North-Eastern Melbourne suburbs) is the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs - and is not an Indigenous Australian herself. Also that all those areas are lumped into one portfolio.
- that people living in prescribed areas under the NTER between the ages of 15 and 24, if on a parenting payment, or youth allowance, or the special benifit (all from centrelink) are "DISENGAGED YOUTH".                   RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE. I think parenting is pretty engaged. And studying. And, well, if there ARE NO JOBS you CAN'T GET ONE. And fail. But it's 1am. And I'm concerned I may end up in politics or policy.


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