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In the midst of a whole lot of policy hate, this video made my week.
Perhaps more on the policies later. They involve...
- refugees. And so much respect for Petro Georgiou. Seriously listen to some of the stuff he says, especially when he looks at the history of the mandatory detention policy.
- the NTER 2007, and the RDA 1975. AKA The Intervention, and the suspension of part of the law, resulting in making it okay to be racist.
- that we don't have a separate ministerial portfolio for Indigenous Affairs
- that Jenny Macklin of Jagajaga (North-Eastern Melbourne suburbs) is the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs - and is not an Indigenous Australian herself. Also that all those areas are lumped into one portfolio.
- that people living in prescribed areas under the NTER between the ages of 15 and 24, if on a parenting payment, or youth allowance, or the special benifit (all from centrelink) are "DISENGAGED YOUTH".                   RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE. I think parenting is pretty engaged. And studying. And, well, if there ARE NO JOBS you CAN'T GET ONE. And fail. But it's 1am. And I'm concerned I may end up in politics or policy.

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Just to follow the crowd (I'm good at being a sheep) I have decided to share my... experiences of school.

Maths looks like it might be alright. It would have been easier to do the holiday homework, however, if I actually had the answers. That way, I might know what I did wrong. Yes, I was doing ALL the tests from the rest of the year. The teacher also omitted to give me the formulae booklet, and the Exam. I think I'm actually going to <shudder> have to *talk* to her... </shudder>

Music I might just do alright in. The composition should be easy enough, even if he does never let us near the Macs... the problem being that it's easier to compose onto them than onto paper. Oh well. 

English   Well... having not read the book. Actually, this was a terribly boring lesson. And generally, I've *liked* English. Let's just say that it was very dissapointing. He didn't even want to talk to me about my World Lit topic! It makes me wonder if he's actually given up, or if he figured that if I had *anything* it was better than ... half the class? Odd people. I can't believe that no-one else wanted the peasants. After ALL the work we did on them!

French was good today, although I can tell you now that I'll be over the moons of Jupiter if I actually get anything over a 3, and I'll be dancing of I get even that.

Psychology  almost looks manageable. The teacher... makes me homicidal. This is rather a rare occurance, and therefore possibly something to be feared. I'm trying to concoct a nice, extreme, but believeable story as to *Why I Did Not Do My Stroop Report* ... I was trying to figure out wether the Rialto hired out the 25th floor? I was researching *Strop* not *Stroop*... um, I was too busy trying not to throw up... the volcano which was pugging steam was scaring me... my notes were sent to New Guinea by mistake... I was afraid of dying by humanitarian mudpool 

Chem I love my teacher. No more gender dependant explanations of things such as atomic structure and ionic bonding, however I'm sure there will be more to look forward to.

EE might just go well. Then again, it could all go down the drain. I'm thinking subheadings are the way to go here.

On another note, I'm sick of the IB girls complaining about how much work they have. Get over it. You chose to do IB, no? I'm sick of th VCE girls complaining about the IB girls. Half of us are decent? I'm sick of the teachers who refuse to recognise something as basic as EATING LUNCH as a right, it too, like our freedom of speach, has been redefined as a right. I'm sick of listening to myself complain. Good. I'm done.


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