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Oven at 180oC

90g butter
3/4 cup sugar (I think we eventually did half this)

- melt in double boiler, stir until well combined.

120g currants
90g cranberries
90g figs (~7)
120g slivered almonds (inclined to think we doubled this)
40g pecans (think we doubled this too - probably 100g)

Chop cranberries and figs (~ currant sized), mix fruit and nuts all together, and toss with

2tbs of flour (30g)

Take pan off heat, stir in
pinch of salt
2 tbsp double cream

Stir all together, make into little biscuits, or a slice, or whatever seems to work. USE SILICON BAKING MATS. The sugar/butter combination forms a penetrating, potent cement in conjunction with baking paper.

Aldi 40% 200g block + 2 x 70-80% 100g blocks seems to be the right ratio of chocolate (1:1).

Trying to have a kid put on further hold since the ectopic in November; did our karyotyping bloodtests today. + 6 weeks.
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This yields more than a standard takeaway container - which I think is 750mL. So I'm guessing it would make closer to 800 or 850mL. When I made it, I found it a little too strong - I might use more water next time, or at least less peel! (My housemates thought it was good, though?). This is how I actually made it, based on this recipe. Well, a 'fixed' version - the first try resulted in cold lime cordial, rather than sorbet - leading to the conclusion the core was not cold enough. 

2 cups water
2 cups sugar
1 cup lime juice
Juice of 1 lime
Zest of one lime

Cool the core of ice-cream maker for at least18h beforehand, on coldest freezer setting.
On the stove, dissolve sugar into water
Stir in the zest, and boil, then take off the heat. 

Stir in the lime juice, and refrigerate (at least one hour, we did overnight). 

Use ice-cream maker to make sorbet (or do it manually). 

This defrosts very quickly, so store quickly, and eat quickly!

Links (from a while back)

About Carrier IQ:

... and how to test if you have it. Something I should do now.


Image of different relationships as presented in the Bible.

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 Still in progress. 
After visiting Misty's Diner in Prahran a few months ago I've been thinking about trying to make buffalo wings myself. 

First attempt involved roasting the wings, which took around an hour on 200.
Sauce was based on a tablespoon of butter, 2 tablespoons each of Worcestershire sauce, and Tobasco sauce. Some vinegar (white, and apple cider), chili flakes, pepper, and paprika too. 
Not bad. Strong smell of vinegar. Not quite the same, though. And far too much butter, unless you're using it as a baste thing. Which is what we did the next time - covered the wings in the sauce after roasting them for around 15 minutes, and then roasting the rest of the 45 with the sauce on. Then the sauce on the table to give it extra flavour. This time the wings were nice and crispy. The drumsticks seemed to work particularly well, but there is less surface area for the meat to have the sauce and flavour. But the skin was really crispy. DECISIONS!






Mar. 14th, 2011 10:23 pm
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Two quiches, less than ten dollars. Around four serves each, but need to be piled with veggies. I always forget that the quiche is the protein, and needs other stuff too.

With the pastry, used puff, because that's what we had, and the shortcrust at the supermarket was 'vegetable oil', not butter. And I read vegetable oil as PALM OIL.

2 sheets pastry
300mL cream
4 eggs
300mL milk (and a little more)
2 carrots
2 small onions
4 short cut bacon rashers
~2 cups shredded cheese

Salad and/or veggies on the side

Preheat oven to 180oC
Dice onion, carrot, and bacon
Cook onion, and bacon in same pan, add carrot once onion is going translucent
Fork four eggs, cream, and milk.
Place pastry in pie dish
Put half the bacon mix in the pastry
Cover with half the cheese
Pour in half the egg mix
Bake for around 30 minutes - it should 'rise', and have a lovely golden brown top.
Serve with veggies.


Dec. 17th, 2010 11:07 am
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Waffles, slightly sweet. From Crystal Paine, in Tammy's Recipes.

4-6 servings

1 3/4 cups flour (used plain white so far, would like to try wholemeal)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder (used about 1.25, makes for crispier and lighter waffles)
2 eggs (I separate and beat the whites first)
1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup oil or melted butter (urgh. This is just too much. Maybe 1/4 cup?)
1 teaspoon vanilla (really should get around to buying this.


1. Combine dry ingredients in large bowl.

2. In a separate bowl, beat wet ingredients and then add to dry, stirring just until moistened.

3. Cook on pre-heated waffle iron until waffles are browned and test done.

I'm really not convinced by beating the whites, nor mixing the ingredients separately and then together. I forgot half the milk, so am sure I killed the whites, and then they weren't separate by the time I added the rest of the milk. Maybe because I was using a whisk I had less problems with lumps?

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Based on a recipe here.

For two people, with one portion over (ie, three portions)
6 really big tomatoes
1 cup rice
6 mushrooms
2 small carrots
1 green capsicum
garlic (I forgot to add it, but I think it'd be pretty good)
meat (I used pork, I think chicken would work, but I don't like it) about 200g?
chicken stock (or vegetable...)
herbs (I like Italian flavours, Of course, we forgot we have a massive topiary rosemary bush growing until after we adde dried rosemary. Oops.)
cheese for grating over the top (apparently tasty/cheddar/mozzarella was called for, we had grana padana.)

Cut hats out of the tomatoes, and compost them. Scoop out the insides without peircing the shell (I did make a couple of small incisions, but they seemed not to matter too much. Cutting something finger-sized out might make it hard for the stuffing to stay in.) Keep the insides and the juices.

Get a cup of water/stock on to heat, and add the rice, herbs, and tomato entrails Cook the rice. (You may need more water)

Chop the veggies and meat up into smallish pieces. Soften the onion, add the garlic and meat (if it needs cooking), and cook most of the way through. Add the rest of the veggies and fry until mostly cooked.

Stuff the tomatoes with about a large teaspoon of rice each, and put them into a baking tray with sides of around one inch. Put the rest of the rice in the baking tray. Pour the veggie/meat mix over the top, ensuring that the tomatoes are filled up. Cover with grated cheese.

I actually liked the veggie/meat/rice/cheese mix better OUTSIDE of the tomatoes. It seemed cheesier and *better* somehow. Next-time I might chop the tomatoes finely instead.
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Chocolate Fudge

Around 450g chocolate. Dark or milk, or both.
400g can condensed milk
50g butter.

Line tin/container with baking paper/foil/something.
Break up chocolate
Melt everything over a low heat, with the condensed milk too. Stir until smooth. (I like to do the butter near the end, so it's not too liquid)
Pour into the container. Maybe smooth the top with a flat thing.
Refrigerate until firm. Around three or four hours.
Cut it up.

Can make truffles, just increase the chocolate side of the ratio. Roll and dust.
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Recipe - Greek Lamb Casserole with Peppered Feta )
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I had a really lovely day today.
I left feeling good, and having completed a side of hand-sewn hemming. Haven't done that in over 10 years. Something like 140cm, I guess, but that seems really long, and it didn't, so I'm not sure. At the time I thought it would have been nice to stay on, but a couple of hours later and I was well aware G knows my 'new people and places' energy reserve better than I might.

Flat now, and a ton of work the next three weeks. Five days in a row when they *know* I can really only do two, and that's a stretch. So he's apparently working on getting the middle day given to someone else. And this was after I agreed to do three days in a row ONLY for the coming three weeks, because they're desperate. Who knows why, they could just hire someone else. Humph.

And now, caramel mudcake. Or white-chocolate caramel mudcake.

And now, caramel mudcake. Or white-chocolate caramel mudcake.  )


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